Entry Description

About “ Born in 1976 " When the year 2016 comes. 1976, the year I was born, made me to look upon the subject: Life in 40. As for my confusion about age and life, I wanted to take photos of my contemporaries to know about their views toward life in 40. Moreover, I hoped to capture the meaning of life that was given by the age 40 from their bodies and their eyes. What’s the meaning of 40 years old? I raised this question to all the women involved in this project and this question is just what they are thinking about. 40 years old symbolizes the middle of one's life when the physical function begins to fall, just like the flowers will inevitably fade after their full blossom. However, as for the journey of life, we have seen the sceneries of 40 years, experienced 40 years’ fickleness of human nature and watched more than 14000 days of sunrise and sunset. At the age when full-blossom flowers begin to fade, the true meaning of life is gradually revealing to us. Up to December 10, 2016, there were 36 sisters with the same age from different cities joined this project and shared with me about their life experiences and their perception about their lives. The agreement of the use of portraiture right of each person involved in as the photography subject has been issued Duration of shooting : November 2015 - December 2016 Gear: Hasselbald503CX+Kodak TX400 (body, portraits and souvenirs) Contax645+Kodak Portra 400 120 (the daily photos) Fujifilm X Camera and Iphone (video and the audio recording)