I Have Ice

PhotographerSu Su
PrizeSilver in Fine Art 艺术类 / Still Life静物
Entry Description

Before this summer came, I started to freeze a lot of stuff in the fridge and photographed them. At first, I called this ice series "make an ice", a very casual name. Then I wanted to express something more absurd or more heroic, so I named this series "I have ice", as if God said, "to have light". Also because “ice” sounds “Bing” in Chinese, the same as the pronunciation of “sickness”, the use of Chinese homophonic reveals some sense of black humor. The beginning of "Hundred years of loneliness" is probably the most famous word about the ice. "After many years, Colonel Aureliano stood in front of the execution team, and would think of that distant afternoon, the time his father took him to visit the ice." Here, the ice is the "great invention ", need to pay to touch, and the “civilization miracle”, the transformation of the natural states through the human power. Everything is constantly changing its state. Water changed into ice and back to the water; life changed to the dead, the fresh turned to the rancid, and the completeness became scattered into the mess. Everything is conversing. Everything is the conversion. Different things frozen in the ice, ice broken in a different way, different combination, different arrangement, and different yellow lines added to change the composition is all conversions. Our way of watching, our angle of thinking, and our mind themselves are changing all the time. Conversion that brings uncertainty generates absurdity. In "I have ice" series, I use pure black background, classical light, and classic still life composition, showing seemingly serious appearance, to secretly convey the feeling of uncertainty, and the sense of parody and absurdity.