Twelfth Night

PhotographerZhengdong Ye
City/CountrySan Francisco, United States
Entry Description

My photography in this project connects the image itself with narratives of non-linear fiction events based on my imagination. I regard photography as a way of finding and facing the shadow of myself. I’m figuring out how much or how little information needs to be there to still create narrative. I’m attracted by diverse objects and how to perceive them physiologically. I strive to capture unobservable states of consciousness in other peoples’ minds as well as my own. Night is an indispensable part of my memory and photographic process. It becomes a sign indirectly impacting my behaviors and body motivation, and thus my blood and brain. The darkness of night impedes how bodies move in spaces. Lately, I’m figuring out the installation space in which I include night photographs, I can explore what it is about night that we actually apprehend. What is the experience, phenomenon, and logical relationship that I have— that we have, my body has, our bodies have—to the night? Twelfth Night is an example of thinking about the night in an emotional way in search of nebulous spaces differentiated from day. This includes thinking about how we are bound by physical limitations and disoriented in transformation of spaces with which we are familiar. I materialize my long fascination with the night by experimenting technologically with special conversation constructed of images, projections and objects in order to create a sensory and surreal space for the reflection of the night. I use darkness to essentially direct people who comes to this space to experience the sense of discovery. I’m providing my viewers with a particular frame through which they obverse the works—that’s, the world as it exists within a beam of light.

About Photographer

Zhengdong Ye (b.1993) is a photographer and artist, who was born in China and currently lives in San Francisco. he’s taking the degree of MFA at California College of the Arts. Ye’s work considers the intricate relationship between the real and the fabricated. His works are often inspired by his personal experience and then thinking the meaning of existing phenomenon and reflection from past to now. His photography explores a narrative which is not necessary to take place, experimenting multiple materials combination and the way of presenting so as to materialize these personal things to a existing form which audience can perceive mentally and physically.