An Outsider's View

Photographer小雨 张
PrizeSilver in Deeper Perspective 深度摄影类 / Deeper Perspective 深度摄影类
City/Country成都市, China
Entry Description

This is a selection of pictures taken through the angle of an outsider. I am often touched by scenes of daily life, but prefer not bothering. In most cases those precious or interesting moments cannot be recorded, but luckily there are a few left with my camera, with me - a foreigner of this country and society. The first picture came from my first film roll. It was taken on a Saturday, a man left his family barbecue for a short while, perhaps for picking up some trickles. German people truly love spending their free time sitting on grasslands. The second picture was taken in a Friday afternoon, the last "Feierabend" of a whole week. The man walked out of subway station, might be heading home. In the third picture, the little girl was riding bike faster than her friends, left them all behind. The youth soccer team already finished training, so the sports field was empty and quiet. The fourth picture was taken in a café. Outside of the window people were chatting. They really like sitting in the sun, even when the sidewalk was narrow and there were only some stools. 本系列拍摄于旅德期间,以旁观者角度为主题—— 松? ?下暂时离开烧烤? ?的人,是去为家人捡? ?枝吗? 周五傍晚走出地铁站的人,正要回家吗? 安静的绿茵场边骑车飞快的小姑娘,勾起了我的童年。 总爱户外聊天的客人,我偶尔也会在长桌旁边猜测?? 们的话题。

About Photographer

A student and amateur photographer came from Chengdu and recently based in Frankfurt. 2004-2014 Chengdu, China 2016- Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany