Pride March in Paris

Photographer小雨 张
PrizeSilver in Editorial 编辑类 / Feature Story and Photo Essay特写故事 图片??
City/Country成都市, China
Entry Description

LGBT Pride March, Paris 2017. Wagens, costumed people, all those rainbow colors, the right bank of the Seine heated up. This series was taken by the end of the parade. It presented respectively a lesbian-themed wagen; a drag queen-themed wagen; a man who wore a unicorn hairband, sitting higher above people and waiting for his man to bring back an ice cream; an energetic supporter; and also the mass of paraders who were either dynamic still or looked tired already. 2017年6月24日,巴黎,性少数群体骄傲游行。摄者从旁观角度记录游 行的尾声。从协和广场到共和广场,气氛和天气一? ?热烈。 本系列一共五幅图片,分别描述了女同性恋者主题花车,变装皇后主题 花车,坐在高台上翘首等待男友买回冰淇淋的“独角兽”男士,一位兴奋 地闯入镜头的支持者,以及一群神态各异、或仍有活力或难掩疲倦的游 行者。 Canon EOS 1v, Kodak Ektar 100.

About Photographer

A student and amateur photographer came from Chengdu and recently based in Frankfurt. 2004-2014 Chengdu, China 2016- Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany