Photographer小雨 张
City/Country成都市, China
Entry Description

This film photo was taken in the 52th Paris Air Show (2017). In one special exhibition area, the interior structure of Boeing-747 was open for visiting. The scene I saw through my camera was not simply one part of exhibition. The falling oxygen masks and uncovered chairs reminded me of a scene after emergency escaping. The Jumbo Jet series are among the most reliable aircraft models in the world, she was once assumed to be replaced by new technology like the famous supersonic transports "Concorde". Years gone by, the two models were exhibited both in the special zone. The difference is that hundreds of Jumbo Jets keep carrying travelers from place to place but the Concorde has been decommissioned forever. Someone may know the Air France Flight 4590, the accident in which the Concorde was not to be blamed. But it still led to the quick decommission of a legend. 《逃生》。照片内容本是巴黎航展上的波音747内部展示。从相机里看 到这一场景,我仿佛置身于空难后已经疏散的机舱。 当天的展览有一种附?? 票,可以让游客参观两个?? 奇机型:空客的协和 和波音的747,一个是里程碑式的新技术却已退役多年,一个曾被预测 很快淘汰却仍在推陈出新。当年一次FOD(外物损害)?? 成的空难,终使 ?? 奇成了昙花一现。 Canon EOS 1v, Kodak Gold 200. 23.06.2017.

About Photographer

A student and amateur photographer came from Chengdu and recently based in Frankfurt. 2004-2014 Chengdu, China 2016- Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany