Green energy power

Photographerjianbin/建斌 zhu/朱
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Green energy power Fujian Province's first installed machine capacity of the largest centralized PV station -- Songxi County Xinyi PV power station, the daily power generation is about 6 million kilowatts, in the county of the hydropower station of sum of power. Annual output value of billions of dollars, more than 15 million yuan in profits and taxes each year, can form a set of eco agriculture, forestry, crop cultivation, eco tourism and tourism as one of the ecological industry chain. Songxi County at the border of the north of Fujian Province, belongs to the subtropical moist monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, nearly 10 years the average annual peak sunshine number for 1556.4, belongs to China's solar energy resources in four areas, suitable for the construction of solar photovoltaic power generation project.