Struggle in dark

PhotographerNelca Wan Chi Yuen
PrizeSilver in Editorial 编辑类 / Political政治
CompanyBedford Garden, North Point
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Entry Description

Struggle in dark, 黑暗中抗爭 香港獨立,是不少香港青年的心願 在黑暗中,一名學生? ?袖站了起來,大聲對著群眾說話 “我們要抗爭, 即使我們得不到大多數的支持,但我們不會倒下” 香港獨立彷彿只是一個妄想, 可是星星之火,可以燎原 Hong Kong independence, is aspiration of many Hong Kong youth A student leader, stood up and spoke loudly against the masses in the dark "We want to fight, even if we do not get majority support, but we will not fall." Hong Kong independence maybe just a delusion for most people, however a single spark can start a prairie fire