PhotographerNelca Wan Chi Yuen
PrizeSilver in Event 事件类 / Other 其它_EV
CompanyBedford Garden, North Point
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Entry Description

高手總是在民間, 在屋邨中有一處陰暗的角落, 一個老人一動不動看著前 方兩名老人在棋局對奕, 三人沉醉於棋局中, 對身外景物絲毫不理, 氣氛 緊張如武林對決, 一子錯滿盤皆落索, 三人不動, 動的只有棋子 There are a dark corner in the estates. A old man was standing here to look the two old man playing the Chinese chess. They just like a statue while they playing, and their eyes just focus on the chessboard.