PhotographerNelca Wan Chi Yuen
PrizeGold in Special 特殊类 / Travel and Tourism 旅行
CompanyBedford Garden, North Point
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Entry Description

在旅行中登上高山, 前方起霧, 基乎看不到前方, 於是我停下來 只有一人一狗, 一直前進, 盡管前方沒有美景仍往? ?點走上去 真正的登山者不為景色而登山, 為的是超越自己, 登上自己的高山 我深受感動, 於是拿起攝影機, 把前面的景像拍下… While I travelling in a mountain, there are a fog that barely see the front, so I stop. However, there are one man and one dog keeping going even there are no any beautiful scenery attract them to move. A real “hiker” is beyond the self, but not only boarded a mountain and view scenery. I have inspired, so I pick up the camera and take a photograph.