《The order of intangible》《看不⻅见的 ‘秩序’ 》

Photographer《看不⻅见的 ‘秩序’ 》-01 《看不⻅见的 ‘秩序’ 》 -02 《看不⻅见的 ‘秩序’ 》-03 《看不⻅见的 ‘秩序’ 》 -04 《看不⻅见的 ‘秩序’ 》 -05
PrizeSilver in Deeper Perspective 深度摄影类 / Deeper Perspective 深度摄影类
City/Country北京, China
Entry Description

A series of work be created in the spring of 2016, the campus is like a forest kingdom at this moment. The trees as if it is an iconic symbol of the campus,because it is very High、big、 tall and lush.Whenever I walked to the front of a landmark tree wood,my heart always have feeling of can’t words and out of ordinary. The frame metaphor the five times about God came to us. Herbs represents product of the original things. In this way, I want to show a most primitive state of survival. Through the way of puzzling to given it definition, I want to build a kind of ‘order’ by use a rational and opposite direction way of thinking .To discuss that ‘What is the boundary between painting and photography?’ ‘what is the boundary between human and nature?’‘How do Human to think or development?’ and so on. 作品阐述: (一)创作背景: 这件系列作品创作于2016年夏,这时候的? ?园就像是⼀一个 ‘森林王国’ ,高、大、挺拔、郁郁 葱葱,仿佛这就是? ?园⾥里的一道? ?志性象征。每当我⾛走到一处具有 ‘? ?志性’ 的? ?⽊木⾯面前,内⼼心⾥里⾯面 总有一种说不出的、别? ?的感觉,它可能是一种敬畏或是一种释怀吧。 (二)作品阐释: 画框分别喻表了五大时期;草本植物代表了最原始事物的产物,并把它最原始的生存状态表现出来。 活⽣生的给它一个 ‘界定’ ,我想要通过一种反⽅方向的、理性的思维⽅方式来构建一种所谓的 ‘秩序’,从中探讨绘画与摄影的 ‘边界’ 是什么,在哪里;面对人与自然的 ‘尺度’ ,人类要如何思考,如何去发展......