Elsewhere Outsiders

Photographer天行 王
PrizeBronze in Architecture 建筑类 / Cityscapes城市街景
Entry Description

Elsewhere Outsiders is an ongoing science fiction photo project begun in 2012. As I traveled frequently between China and the U.S. I witnessed the monumental changes in culture and environment resulting from globalization and expansion of urban life. My story started with the destruction of the old world, and the rise of a new world so vastly surreal it might as well be the artifice of aliens. The human experiences that emerge from this new world lack grounding in identity and tradition, instead relying on the crutch of architecture and advanced technology. The whole world became one country due to the sameness of the alienation. Without the grounding of the past, we became outsiders. The people in my photos are my friends or strangers. They face out of the picture, remaining anonymous, sharing in the universality of a new kind of loneliness.