Silence of The Earth

Photographeraramis liu
PrizeSilver in Fine Art 艺术类 / Other其它_F
CompanyNew York Film Academy
Entry Description

Nowadays, the evolution of the human civilization has entered a new height. The human population is growing fast and the utilization of natural resources is unrestrained. A book named "Silent Spring" (1962) wrote by Rachel Carson, is a milestone in human history about environmental protection. It explains how the pesticide and chemical kill animals and plants, and the overuse of land, which is an important fact leads to the destruction of the ecological balance. I was deeply affected by this book. With the development of science and technology, people have gradually forgotten the belief of legends and myths of nature. Compare to seeing the earth as a mother or god, people tend to view it as property that is free to take today, without any appreciation. "Huai nan zi (BC.202 ~ AC.8)" is an Chinese ancient book wrote in Western Han dynasty. The author is the Huainan King, An Liu. This book describes a Chinese Goddess, named Nuwa, who created human beings from soil, and also sacrificed herself to save the world. She is the inspiration of this project. In my work, I designed the custom in traditional Chinese style, representing the soul of the earth. The white clothes represent her beauty and purity. Golden color represents the season fall with lush plants and everything from the nature, in addition, it also represents the golden age when human live in harmony with the nature. The dark withered plants represent the erosion of the ecological environment and pesticide pollution, and the dead butterfly represents death.